Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"starting anew"

today was a good day. i woke up ready to conquer whatever came my way. someone in my parking spot? no sweat. really bad hair day? (can you say static!) oh well. doing 40 days of clean eating and all i can smell outside is a grilled burger? its okay. really really behind on my paintings? i got this. 

i was not going to let my bad last week take away todays potential. i started and nearly finished a painting today. my eyes need to rest from it so i can see it fresh tomorrow. i'll share it with you once i know it's done.

some days are bad and that's ok. creativity can't be forced. when it's just not flowing, you just have to give yourself permission to shift your focus. i finally realized this after three days of just crappy painting. i decided what i had would be good "under painting" and started to clean. cleaning always makes me feel better. i guess because i feel productive.

instead of coming in to work the next day, i spent it with my family. i needed it. i needed to be with them and just laugh. we ate and ate, watched really boring movies and cuddled with the babies. (my nieces and nephew that i am obsessed with!) that was it. it was what i needed to release my stress and get me ready for this week.

sometimes trying harder isn't the answer, but letting go can bring you the peace you need to start anew.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"sacred moments"

my heart skips a little beat at the thought of adding an unexpected color on top of the layers i've already spent hours on. part excitement, part anxiety. will i wreck it? or maybe it'll take it to that next level i need it to be at so i can fall in love with it. i smother my brush in the mixture of mustard and light yellow, hold my breath and whole heartedly glide the paint over the canvas. my eyes get bright and a smile forms. the painting starts to come alive.

i can now start to picture what has been waiting to emerge from the unconnected chaos that was happening underneath. now i'm in tune with the paintings soul and i don't want to lose the connection so i keep focused and quiet. no noise. no interruptions. i know all too well when messages are being communicated between a painting and my hand, i have to stay attentive and not take it for granted. it wont always be there. i can lose it and not know when it'll come back. its important to stay in the flow; stay in touch.

its what tells me to go lighter there. scrape here a bit. that needs a splash. its keeping an ear on this intuition that tells me i need to make this dark blue area larger so that in the end it's all balanced. if i let myself get distracted i might lose the line of communication.  it's about protecting that space and time that allows gifts of magic to happen.

these are sacred moments and i know how important it is to make time for them, protect them and also, to be patient with them. that way, when it happens, it's like i'm not even trying. it just happens.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"show and tell"

another gallery weekend has come and gone. it all happens so quickly! so many great people come into my studio and i get to meet them and hear their wonderful connections to crows. i love being able to connect to both men and women through my artwork. i had one person say he thought crows of any kind were extremely threatening birds. he seemed pretty freaked out in my studio (he must be part of the alfred hitchcock "the birds" generation), but for the most part it makes me so happy to have my artwork be the medium to help people open up and share their stories. people shared about pet crows they've had, others about how crows are considered very superstitious in their country, or even how they too have felt crows have brought them "messages".

its really touching to see people react to my artwork. it always feels humbling.

but in case you didn't make it down for gallery night, i have a new piece to share with you. what do you think? it is inspired by one of the photos i took while in ireland.

"listen to the crows" no. 3
available here

one of the many photos i got to shoot while in ireland


i forgot to share this was the photo that inspired this painting

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"my new norm"

i love the light in my studio but sometimes it comes to soon
and makes it difficult to paint.
it tells me it's quitting time before i'm ready!

with this new year i've made some goals that i've been focused on keeping my commitment to.  it really takes a lot of effort for me to stay honed in on the same ideas or routines because i have so many interests. it's so easy for me to jump around like a ping pong from one new idea to the next. don't get me wrong. it's not laziness. it's the opposite of that. i am always busy doing something, but that's just it. i'm always busy doing something. i've always admired people who could sit and do one thing for hours and hours or people who have had the same job or home their whole life. that sort of consistency is to be respected for its dedication.

so this is what i'm teaching myself to do now. it has only been 2 weeks into the new year and i can see how some of my natural habits of straying into "oooh what's that over there?" have begun, but i've been able to acknowledge it and let it go. so far i've stuck to my new routines and i can see how i've started to look forward to knowing that i'm going to do the same thing as yesterday.

maybe this is an artist thing. we are like bumble bees buzzing from one flower to the next.

p.s. on another note, does anyone know how to take care of succulents? mine are dying this winter. i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"let the dreams begin"

officially back in my studio today. the holidays are behind us and we are presented with a brand new year. the goals have been set. the calendar has been planned. the intentions have been wished. this all excites and terrifies me at the same time. i'm not really seeing this as a new years resolution, but as a thoughtfully laid out destination.

let the dreams begin.

"Listen To The Crows"
36" x 36" acrylic on infrastructure canvas
Available Here